Slow and Slow 

My love overflow 

Wherever you go 

My heart know 

Freezy breeze blow and blow 

Rising from the meadow

I wanna be your shadow …..


Someday at Night -157

Someday at night
I lay there in the moon of bright
I listen to the rhythm of your breathing
For my love what you are singing ?

Snuggling up to you, only you
Brings me a sense of contentment
Knowing you love me as much as I love
Brings me peace and joy to my moments ….

Poem : No 156

The first rain raining …

The first rain is raining all around
“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter “on the ground
“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter “on the ground
Drip down, slip down sound
“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter “on the ground
Everywhere drain, everywhere rain
“Pitter-patter, pitter-patter” on the window pane,
Children are dancing on the Grassland
The magnificent scenery who has penned
Playing here and there jumping-thumping rain
Rain water splashing, splashing
on their face
Happiness falling down in every place
And the first rain is raining all around
Forgiving me again my loving sound
Memory is making nostalgia profound
“Pitter -patter, pitter-patter”,on the ground
The first rain is raining all around ….

Poem : No 154

My empty heart….

My words are severally very lonely ,
When you are rooting not with me ;
Again, I don’t want to rough see ,
Sullen moonless sky look heart empty ;
Like me disquiet mouth look empty heart ,
Ah! Ah! Ubiquitous dark and gloomy ,
Because the Night cry very badly …

Poem : No 152

I belong to you …..

I can’t say ‘ I love you ‘,
Love is in your rose flower

When I look towards the future
You are always pictured there.

And I give you my whole existence
I give you my whole life .

As the stream give to river, river to ocean
Your touch no want could comprehend .

Now I belong to you
Though, I do not know you ….